I am a member of Creative union of artists of Russia from 2015 http://www.tcxp.ru/catalog/zhivopis/shukalova-ekaterina-vyacheslavovna

I was born in Voronezh last centure in the family of the top manager and the teacher. My farther worked on the big plant producing electronic equipment for USSR army. Mum has still teach ecomomics and marketing. As I realize now, my father wanted me to be a boy 🙂 So all education of me was directed to be strong and independent. A strictness was the main rule in our family. I had to be the best in every activity: school, sports, music, games and so on. It become the good preparations for all my future life.

I finished our mathematics school at 1992 with Gold Medal and after at 1997 was graduated from Voronezh University as an economist with Red Diploma (the highest level of marks) Me and my mum began our first business project when I was 4-year student. It was the great time of “wild” 90-th in Russia – the time of coming into being new russian market. It had given me the unique experience and strength not to have lost heart in any situation.
After all of those were work for KODAK, teaching in the college, 2-years life in Ireland and other excited things. In 2004 after my returning to Russia I had made my dream to work in digital sphere true. Me and my future husband established web-studio FERT in Moscow. After that I am fully in web, digital, internet-marketing creative and gladness.

But in 2011 I decided to return to my old dream – to draw. After 3 years I graduated from the academic school of design and painting in Moscow. And in 2015 I became the member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia

I love draw, especially oil. I want my artworks give people the energy of my soul and help to see to the future with opened hearts 🙂