I am VERY thankfull to my teachers and mentors, who made me and my creativity.


Nadya Milos. 

Nadya is a member of International Art Fund. She regularly participates in various exhibitions in Russia and USA.

Alexander Gudkov

Alexander Gudkov is the member of the Union of Artists, the Honored teacher of Russia, the painter, the schedule.

His primary creative activity — pedagogics. He has brought up not one talented group of artists, many of which have gone further in the footsteps of the teacher — became teachers …

Graphic part of creativity, the works performed by oil on a canvas — painting generally represent. A graphitic pencil, a Whatman paper — graphics. Now the artist is keen on the intuitive beginning in the image of reality that is brightly traced in his works of the late period.

Sergey Lychagin.

I am a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 1994 I expose the pictures in Russia and abroad and I am engaged in teaching activity. I have executed a number of orders on monumental and decorative registration of private houses in Moscow and Moscow area. My works are available in private collections in Russia, and also in some countries of Europe and America.